A Brief History of UFC

UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The name stands for ” UFC: “the Ultimate Fighting Championship”. The organization is a live event series that showcases various fighters from various countries in mixed martial art competitions.

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC was first launched in November 1997 in the United States. It is a television program that is telecasted exclusively on pay-per-view basis. The name Ultimate Fighting Championship was coined by the late Bruce Lehrner. He had been working as a writer for the now bankrupt TNN (The National Broadcasting Commission). Lehrner was then approached by Vince McMahon, a newly formed company that owned the world’s largest pay-per-view television company. The offer to sponsor Lehrner to air his MMA magazine “MMA: Mind Unleashed” which he had developed was made by wrestling’s World heavyweight champion and owner of the then” WWE” wrestling outfit, Triple-A.

Another reason UFC was established was to counter the burgeoning popularity of the then popular Extreme Fighting Championship (FEC) which was held in Mexico City at the time. The organizers of the Extreme Fighting Championship thought it would be a good opportunity to gain exposure for the sport in the U.S. With this, the UFC was born. While it is considered by many to be a one style mixed martial arts event, UFC has evolved into much more than that.

The UFC involves multiple fighters in competitions. 해외축구중계 are placed in a championship match after a prescribed number of rounds have been completed. There are several distinct varieties of mixed martial arts tournaments in which UFC can be seen. Initially, it featured only “American” styles such as the” UFC Heavyweight Championship” and” UFC lightweight championship” but since its conception, it has branched out into other disciplines. Some examples are:

The most famous among these is the “UFC Brazilian Triangle” fight. It is a three way match that pits one fighter against three others in a grappling contest. Each competitor wears an Inokizakan, a traditional belt worn in the martial arts style of Japan. It should be noted that unlike traditional martial arts, the principle of Inokizakan is not based on striking or blocking. Instead, it focuses on chipping, locking and knees to the body of your opponent.

Since its conception, UFC has become very popular not only among fans but also amongst the media as well. Many news reports have featured it, highlighting its combative prowess. UFC has been criticized for its over-powering nature, though the martial arts world has always rejected this notion. The success of UFC is largely attributed to its authenticity and the fact that mixed martial arts fans love to see their favourite fighters put on the fighting ring.g

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